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kep1For decades, Hungarian honey has been synonymous with the essence of our land. The conscientious work of the beekeepers, the careful keeping of bees, the intact bee meadows and the proper veterinary supervision resulted in Hungarian honey occupying an exceptional place in the market of quality agricultural products and nowadays Hungary is the fourth honey producer country of the European Union. Some counties make premium cars, others premium wines. The natural and human resources of Hungary allow to produce premium honeys.

Due to its outstanding quality, Hungarian honey has become a well-established, trusted brand name; it is a much sought-after product all over the world consumed with satisfaction by the most demanding palates. Keeping the demand and confidence of the consumers in mind, we are dedicated to offer a premium quality product.

The partners of DR HONEY® are beekeepers and descendants of beekeeping families. At the beginning of our professional life we were looking for different experiences: Andrea, who still helps her parents to do beekeeping, made her master’s degree at the Sorbonne University. Spending many years within multinational companies we decided to revive our heritage and keep the values that the Hungarian land can give to the world - but we have a contemporary vision to do so. For the satisfaction of the consumers, who are looking for true sourced honey, we ensure that our honeys are derived exclusively from Hungary, they are not mixed with honeys from any other sources. This guarantees that our consumers can have confidence in our honey collected from pure, GMO free areas. We believe that design is an added value in our 21st century life and the consumers expect a balance between inner and outer quality. This vision resulted that our products deserved several national and international awards.

That’s the essence of DR HONEY®.

The production area of DR HONEY® is the 80 km area of Tokaj and the still intact Tokaj- Zemplén Landscape Protection Area and its surroundings. During the prudent processing we pay maximum attention to preserve the inner value of our raw honeys.

Honey is a unique and healthy food containing vitamins, minerals, macro and micro nutrients, and primarily through its enzymes has been a treasured source of health for centuries and a part of human diet. We recommend honey also for those who simply long for sweet treat.

If you would like to know more about the Hungarian honey production, please see the following link: