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kep1For decades, Hungarian honey has been synonymous with the essence of our land. The conscientious work of the beekeepers, the careful keeping of bees, the intact bee meadows and the proper veterinary supervision resulted in Hungarian honey occupying an exceptional place in the market of quality agricultural products and nowadays Hungary is the third honey producer country of the European Union. Some counties make premium cars, others premium wines. The natural and human resources of Hungary allow to produce premium honeys.

Due to its outstanding quality, Hungarian honey has become a well-established, trusted brand name; it is a much sought-after product all over the world consumed with satisfaction by the most demanding palates. Keeping the demand and confidence of the consumers in mind, we are dedicated to offer a premium quality product.

Queen Bee, Andrea Viszlai, and her family are the owners of DR HONEY®. We are beekeepers and descendants of beekeeping families. Andrea studied and has practiced beekeeping with her parents. As agriculture was not a recognised activity in her childhood she made her masters degree as French and Hungarian teacher.  Then she worked for multinational companies. The passion for production has allways been in her DNA and she finally turned this passion into a job and established Dr Honey in 2014. Dr Honey is committed to small-scale authentic production under strict standards, to achieve honey of exceptional quality and purity. For the satisfaction of our consumers we ensure that our honey is derived exclusively from Hungary, it is not mixed with honey from any other sources. This guarantees that our consumers can have confidence in our honey collected from pure, GMO free areas

DR HONEY® stands against business practices where consumers are beeing offered honey of uncertain origin, blended to create an unified sweet taste, simply to achieve a lower price point. Our concern is that the younger generation is slowly forgetting the real, natural unique taste of single - flower honeys, which is our speciality.

How do we produce single - flower honeys?

Some secrets have to be kept, but at dead of night the beekeepers drive their ’nomadic’ hives to the forests, and leave them in situ for the 10-15 days that the trees or flowers are in full pollination. Then they drive the bees home, and extract the riches by cold pressing.

The production area of DR HONEY® is the 80 km area of Tokaj and the still intact Tokaj- Zemplén Landscape Protection Area and its surroundings. During the prudent processing we pay maximum attention to preserve the inner value of our raw honeys. All the honey we fill in our jars were matured by real bees in their hives. Only this matured honey contains all health benefits of the honey: vitamins, antioxidants, enzymes and minerals and it has a distinctive flavour, colour and fragrance. We believe in a process that preserves honey’s pollen and natural goodness. Our honey is gently strained at a lower temperature to preserve natural pollen and enzymes in the finished product - all those components the consumers look and pay for when purchasing honey.

Honey is a unique and healthy food containing vitamins, minerals, macro and micro nutrients, and primarily through its enzymes has been a treasured source of health for centuries and a part of human diet. We recommend honey also for those who simply long for sweet treat.

That’s the essence of DR HONEY®.


If you would like to know more about the Hungarian honey production, please see the following link: